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I'm Jocelyn and I'm a SCAD grad.
I currently reside in Michigan. Feel free to talk to me, I am a friendly.


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  1. liopleurodad:


    Click here for a clearer BIGGER VERSION please. <——- Anywho, all done at last! Sorry about this higgledy-piggledy jittery animation. I suspect the timing’s off too, but it’s as done as it’ll ever be.

    This is my first time attempting anything like this, so it’s probably a bit rubbish. What I’ve learned from this is little project is that frame by frame animating in Photoshop is evil. Evil. I don’t know how other people have the patience, I think I might be doing it the wrong way u_u. But I’m glad I stuck with it and finished it! 

    I’ve never been to a sushi bar and had proper sushi, and I can’t use chopsticks, so if they’re holding them wrong then they’re holding them wrong; the end. Sorry.

    Now it’s back to regular business, so things should speed up again a little. I’ve actually already started the next art request =3

    I don’t ship this but goddamn that is some fine animation.

    (via aerodactylus)

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